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The Pastor's Notes

the Word of God we will share here on this page.

Many people are familiar with the verse found in Isaiah 59:19. This verse assures us that
when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it.
But, I like to dig deeper than that. The preceding verses let us know that God is watching
when the enemy attacks us and things aren't fair. Then, God put on his battle armor.
He brings salvation and vengeance for our defense.
The promise to defend us against the onslaught of the enemy is profound. It takes more than
a rain drop to make a flood. Sometimes, the attacks against are seeming to come one after
another. They appears to be relentless and never seem to stop coming. When Satan comes
against us, he tries different tactics. Many times, it seems as though he dumps his whole bag
of tricks at once.
Flood waters are often murky. They swirl around from every direction. The ground beneath
the floods are hidden and sometimes are washed away. We are unsure of where to step or
which direction to travel. Anything that is not nailed down or anchored is often swept away by
the raging storm and floods. Undertow currents will try to drag you down and pull you
into the raging current.
However, it is at this time that God has promised to step in. He steps to your side. He plants
his standard, the family emblem of a tribe, and sternly commands the enemy to cease. He
declares war on our enemy. He lets Satan know that we are a child of God. His arm brings our
salvation and His righteousness will sustain us.

Pastor Ronald E. Harper

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