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The Quest For True Apostolic Doctrine

This resource is ideal for home Bible studies or new convert classes.
It can also be useful to strengthen mature Christians.

'The Quest for True Apostolic Doctrine' is a great book.
Good doctrine is essential to salvation. Without it we would have no Bible
foundation, just sinking sand. In Revelation 2:15, we read where God hates
false doctrine and this scripture describes it. It was a sect that divorced
ethics from religion and held that conduct did not matter, as long as belief
was correct.  This is a damnable doctrine.  This book tells us we must
believe all Bible doctrine and obey it to the letter. Thank you, Bro. Ronald
Harper,  I know it will be a blessing to many."
Rev. T. W. Barnes
Minden, Louisiana
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The Power Of Crossing Jordan
A Study of Commitment

This book covers the journey of the children of Israel as they
journeyed to the Promised Land.  This is a look at the typology of the
Exodus experience.  It also shows how these teachings can be
applied to our daily Christian walk.

"The commitment of a man clearly defines the ceiling of his success.  
Raise it and excel. Lower it and fail. Ronald Harper captures the heart
of commitment and vividly takes his reader on a journey to success.
Get ready to cross your Jordan!"
Rev. Korey M. Jones
Alpharetta, GA
Preparing The Next Generation
Sound Doctrine For Young Men

I understand that a lot of the material that will be covered in this
book will seem to be  “common sense” issues, but I felt it was necessary to write
about them in this format. We are  
commanded by the Apostle Paul to teach the younger
generation the apostolic principles and “sound doctrine.”

This book is dedicated to the memory of Rev. T.W. Barnes.
This book can be used as a resource for young men who have a desire to have a
closer walk with God. It can also be used by youth workers and parents to help lead
and guide young men.
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